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Utilizing New Technology in Our Retirement Years

The digital revolution is transforming lives across all age groups, and seniors are no exception. Technology has become an indispensable tool for older adults, providing access to resources that significantly enhance the quality of life. For investors in retirement, focusing on how seniors can effectively use online health resources and telemedicine is not only a compassionate approach but quite possibly a lucrative investment opportunity as well.

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The Importance of Setting Career Goals

We all want to grow in our careers; after all, no one wants to be stuck in the same job for years and years. But in order to achieve any type of professional success, we must continually push ourselves and develop our skills. How do we do that? Set goals. Consider these goal-setting strategies.

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An Essential Guide to Estate Planning Preparedness

A recent survey by Caring.com found that a whopping two in three American adults do not have an estate plan1—an alarming statistic, considering that an estate plan can protect your assets and ensure that they go to the right people. If you have not begun to prepare an estate plan, or if your estate planning efforts have stalled, what can you do to get back on track? Here are seven crucial steps to take when planning your estate.

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Small Business Owners: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Financial Independence

Being a small business owner can be rewarding but also may bring a lot of stress. You may be experiencing the pressures of trying to grow your company while providing a solid future for your employees. On top of all that, you will also need to focus on building financial independence for yourself and for your business. There are many paths to financial independence; below are a few directions to get you started.

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Financial Freedom, Market Volatility, and You

If recent market volatility has you questioning your opportunities for financial freedom, you are not alone. Due to rising inflation, higher interest rates, a volatile stock market, and recession fears, many investors find themselves wondering how to proceed.

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An Introduction to Estate Planning for the Sandwich Generation

For members of the "Sandwich Generation"—those currently in their 40s and 50s who are caring for children and their parents who are over 65-years old—estate planning may seem like a low priority. After all, when you're juggling multiple caregiving responsibilities daily, sitting down to draft a will is easy to put off.

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Generational Wealth and the Gift of Financial Freedom

Those who receive an inheritance with the passing of a loved one are potentially given the gift of financial freedom if they choose to manage the wealth carefully. Did you know that only about one-third of adults have a prepared will, and about 40% with investable assets of $1 million or more never discuss their estate plans with their children?

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Check Off Your Insurance Check-Up: An Insurance Coverage Checklist

Insurance is one of the most crucial components of financial well-being, even though you may not necessarily receive an actual payout from a policy. Many things in life are especially valuable, such as your time, your health, your home, and even your life. Insurance can protect your assets, both tangible and intangible.

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Family Wealth Transfer Planning: Keeping it in the Family through Generational Giving

You have worked hard for years and accumulated wealth. You earned this money through your job, investing, and saving, and you want to preserve it for yourself and to take care of the family you love. With the projected modification of the current legislation, 2023 looks like a year to potentially benefit those interested in creating a wealth transfer planning strategy through generational giving.

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Factors Leading to a Cooling Housing Market

Over the past several years, the housing market has been on a relentless upward trajectory, with home prices reaching record levels and demand outpacing supply. However, recent trends suggest that the market is starting to cool down, with more balanced conditions emerging between buyers and sellers.

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5 Homeowner Estate Planning Tips to Consider

Estate planning helps disperse your assets according to your wishes. The effort may seem daunting at first, but estate planning does not have to be overly complicated. With the proper planning, you may find yourself resting a little easier knowing you have an estate plan in place. While an estate plan is personalized to the wants and needs of each person, here are a few tips to help anyone get started.

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June is American Housing Month

This blog will celebrate American Housing Month, give an outline of the holiday's history, and talk about how important home ownership has been in our country’s history.

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