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How to Navigate Buying a Home During High Inflation

With rising housing prices and interest rates, you may feel pressured to jump on the carousel to avoid being left behind. However, a home is one of the most expensive purchases most Americans will make, and you don't want to rush into a home that isn't right for your needs. Below, we'll explore a few key tips and insights to help high earners who are looking to buy a home during periods of high inflation.

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Rich vs. Wealthy - Is There Really a Difference?

The terms "rich" and "wealthy" are often used interchangeably. But are they really the same? As the saying goes, "Money talks, but wealth whispers." Here are some of the differences between being rich and being wealthy in terms of money, resources, and public perception.

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High Earners and Homeownership: Why It's More Than Just a Status Symbol

For generations, homeownership has been billed as the hallmark of the American Dream. However, for high earners, it can also be a way to reduce taxes, receive more favorable capital gains treatment, and invest in their family's future. Below, we discuss a few benefits of homeownership that can have an outsized impact on households with high incomes.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Life Insurance Policy for Your Retirement Years

Life insurance has its benefits, and choosing a manageable life insurance policy is a critical step in your retirement planning. It can help your family cover end-of-life expenses, funeral and burial costs, and pay for estate taxes. You must select a life insurance policy that could benefit you and your family in your retirement years. Here are a few options to review with your financial professional.

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Unlocking the Power of ESG in Retirement Planning

In today’s world, many nearing retirement are not solely interested in investing for wealth accumulation for their own benefit, but investing in companies that share specific environmental, social, and governance values working to improve society and the world.

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Turning Profits into Wealth: A Guide for High-Earning Business Owners

Growing a business is impressive, but it takes more than just turning a profit to build wealth: It requires a mind shift from short-term gains to long-term prosperity. A business owner must focus on the company's financial confidence and long-term sustainability. Here are some critical tips to help business owners turn their earnings into wealth.

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The Best Investment: Teaching Your Children to Save and Invest

A 2022 Gallup Poll found that 58% of all adult Americans own stock. The top 1% owns more than half the total amount invested among those who own stock. 1 Making investing possible for your children, nieces, nephews and other loved ones may be the key to improving their financial future and getting them off to a good start in adulthood. Here are a few ways to help your children develop good habits regarding saving and investing.

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Improving Your Financial Literacy Can Improve Your Business

Financial literacy is essential for your personal financial health and even more crucial for the financial health of your small business. Being a small business owner comes with many responsibilities, one of which is maintaining the company's finances and helping keep it on track toward a solid financial future.

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The Growth vs. Value Conundrum in 2024

In the world of investing, the eternal debate between growth and value continues to captivate the minds of investors. As we navigate through 2024, the question looms large: Will growth once again reign supreme over value, especially in the backdrop of the widely anticipated decline in interest rates? The answer, it seems, lies in the peculiar turn of events witnessed in 2023.

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Why Your Credit Score Matters in Retirement

Regardless of the stage of life, your credit score is an essential component of your financial health when you're in retirement. A consistently strong credit score can pave the way for greater confidence, easy loan access, and lower interest rates. Many retirees overlook the importance of maintaining a suitable credit scores

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Experience Makes You Wise – Tips You Can Learn from Your Older Co-workers

Many companies are pushing for a more diverse workforce with employees from all walks of life and ages. Greater diversity helps foster creativity and collaboration, which are essential to helping a company grow. For younger workers, it also allows them to learn more from those who have worked longer and are more experienced. Read on for a few tips that older co-workers can teach those younger or at least less experienced.

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Pearls of Wisdom: Wealth Preservation for High-Net-Worth Women

Wealth preservation is essential for high-net-worth (HNW) individuals, but it warrants a gender-specific focus, too. Particularly for HNW women, understanding the complexities of wealth preservation is crucial. Whether due to inheritance, accomplishment in the corporate world, or entrepreneurial fulfillment, more women today find themselves in the ranks of HNW individuals.

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